h  u  m  a  n  cLo  c  k  .  c  o  m

why are you here?

what did you want?

did you want a different website?

is your "L" key broken on your keyboard?

did you want photos of Fucking in Austria?

(yes Mom, this is a real town,
I wasn't swearing...props to Herby for the photo!)

...or photos of a famous sign in Portland, Oregon with
a history of changes both offical and not?
(really, someone climbed up there and edited the sign)

...or maybe a page about the famous toilet near
the Beverly Hills hotel You know, the one where
Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou got busted/setup by
the cops for "Engaging in a Lewd Act"?


...or you were looking for humanclock.com and in
no way expecting to see anything else.

See bonus outtake photos from the above "photo shoot"!
Just answer the question below correctly:

What was Andrew Ridgeley's solo album titled?:

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